Dr. Martin Brokenleg: Circle of Courage

For thousands of years, American Indian cultures nourished respectful and courageous children without employing punitive discipline.  Now, recent youth development research is revealing the essential elements in raising confident, caring children.  Drawing on his research with Drs. Larry Brendtro and Steve Van Bockern in their book, Reclaiming Youth at Risk, Dr. Martin Brokenleg presents “The Circle of Courage” which offers concrete strategies for creating environments in which all young people can grow and flourish.


Dr. Martin Brokenleg consults worldwide, is co-founder of the Circle of Courage model, Dean of the Circle of Courage Institute, and serves as a Vice President of Reclaiming Youth International, providing training for individuals who work with youth at risk.  He holds a doctorate in psychology and is a graduate of the Episcopal Divinity School.  He is an Emeritus Professor and was most recently Director of Native Ministries and Professor of First Nations Theology and Ministry at the Vancouver School of Theology in Vancouver, British Columbia.  For thirty years, Dr. Brokenleg was Professor of Native American studies at Augustana College of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  He has also been a director of The Neighborhood Youth Corps, chaplain in a correctional setting, and has extensive experience as an alcohol counselor.  Dr. Brokenleg has consulted and led training programs throughout North America, New Zealand, and South Africa.  He is the father of three children and an enrolled member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe practicing the culture of his Lakota people.