Friendship Centres and You

Turning Points of Friendship

Paul Lacerte, Executive Director of the BC Association of Friendship Centres was the lunch time speaker.  He asserts convincingly that right now is a time of hope for Aboriginal people, what is required is a love revolution.  “We are living in a love starved world…we are dehumanizing and legalizing people in our world. What a precious gift to work with a movement built on love and listening.”

Lacerte asked what we can do as organizations.  Profound institutional opportunity exists to reach out between CMHA and Friendship Centres. In BC CMHA and BC Friendship Centres are starting to work together on a joint project in three different communities.  Local CMHA and local Friendship Centres are bringing capacity together around mental illness.

How to get started working with a Friendship Centre?  Pick up the phone; that is how we got started in BC.  Look at UN Declaration on Rights of Indigenous People, powerful and best read.  Present tobacco or an elder a gift and ask them, how do I get started?

If we are going to improve the relationship between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people, says Lacerte, we have to take it on as a personal mission.

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