Dr. Norman Doidge – Our Plastic (amazing) Brain

There is a revolution in understanding of the brain, away from the brain as a machine and hardwiring. 

Doidge got into field because he was hearing from colleagues about finalized, genetically pre-determined problems, yet when someone recovered the hardwire metaphor fell away.  His book has introduced revolutionary ideas about the brain and its abilities that stand in opposition to ideas about the brain that have been held for centuries.

To start Doidge recommends the metaphor of the brain as a machine should be reexamined. Let’s take a look at the whole notion of nature and our understanding of how the brain operates. 

People have gotten locked into a picture of biology that has self fulfilling prophecies.

We have probably underestimated our own brains, our client’s brains, in fact the whole human race has underestimated our brain plasticity and how our brain can change.  We need to learn new ways…

For some of the latest ideas and research about brain plasticity go to www.normandoidge.com


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