Belong and Belonging

The Circle of Courage

Dr. Martin Brokenleg  moved many conference attendees to tears as he told his stories intertwined with his practical framework, the Circle of Courage.  Drawing on his rich heritage as a Lakota, Dr. Brokenleg used four quadrants of a circle to illustrate a comprehensive approach to develop resilience in young people.

He began with understanding resilience is not in a mind but in their heart. Belonging, mastery, independence and generosity are the qualities that need to be developed in order to create resilient people.

Headline ‘takeaways’:

Belonging – Nothing is going to happen until belonging happens.

Mastery- Fulfills the universal need to be capable.

Independence – Is self responsibility, not self sufficiency.

Generosity – Meets the universal need to know one’s goodness. Generosity is the first casualty after a crisis, but real generosity is necessary.


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