Have a Little Help From Our Peers

Lt. Col Stephane Grenier of the Canadian Armed Forces spoke about his work on peer support with the Mental Health Commission of Canada peer support project.

Quotable moments:


“We need to achieve balance in peer support without destroying the organic sense of what peer support is about…we cannot over-professionalize peer support.”

“At the end of the day it is about two human beings talking to each other.  Something we were probably better at 1000 years ago.”

“It is sad that we had to create program that allowed people to be nice to each other.”

“In many countries there is no clinical capacity, what do people have- they have each other.”

In regards to the workplace:

“How can we be that stupid to think that someone can disassociate from their home in the car ride to work.”

“It is the human phenomena we have to stop putting in different stove-pipes…ultimately it is all in one brain.”

“If 84 to 96 percent of your people don’t know they are sick then we need to literate them. (Increase mental health literacy.”

What happened to the military, with less people doing more only happened to the organization a decade before what has happening to business right now.

“What happened to me was I became mentally ill, and you start to feel ashamed.  So I started to isolate.”

“What I learned is that isolation kills.”

“It can be a lonely road to recovery.”

“My opinion is it is possible to achieve better results if you do it from within.”

“On the prevention side we recruit people with lived experience.  Pick the right guy. Pick your people very carefully.”

“Allow peer workers to share their story in controlled way.”

“I think everybody going through a mental health episode deserves the best clinical care possible. And each person should have a peer support worker.”

“We have tried to merge academic knowledge with experiential knowledge.”

“You see mental health every single day if you have the lens.”

Stress Injury

“There could be more connections (from the military) to the civilian work place than you want to realize.”

“How do we move forward is available every here.  I am thinking certification might be appealing to systems.”


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