Taking Crazy Back

Depression Can be a Laughing Matter

Former CBC journalist Tod Maffin was the first keynote speaker at the CMHA National Conference.  Maffin  opened with some hilarious stories  then got a little bit serious. Maffin shared his story of having a nervous breakdown the day after his publicly traded company launched its suite of software and his descent into mental illness. Combined with growing alcoholism and serious depression, Maffin recounted how alcohol kept him ‘normal.’ 

The question that started his healing, “Have you asked anyone for help?”

His personal story moved the audience to a standing ovation at the end of his address.

What next? Maffin had some clear advice, abolish presenteeism showing up in body but not mind.   Reward asking for help in the workplace. Finally, enough the studies-we know what the problem is, we need know what the problem is not enough money spent on care.  Studies kill people, because we spend money on paper, not on people.

Finally bring back crazy, good, loud, see things differently crazy, not insane. Favourite quote wa the last one, “Crazy gets shit done.”


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