2 New Breakouts Added!

Promoting mental health within the Ismaili community – an innovative pilot project that has national implications.

Attendees will learn about:
·         A mental health partnership project between the Ismaili Council of BC and the CMHA BC Division
·         An evidenced-based mental health promotion project that resulted in members signing up for an 8 week course – Living Life to the Full
·         The role of volunteerism as a core value of the Ismaili community and how that has contributed to the success of the program
·         Support from the community to embrace the program as a core national mental health program within the Ismaili community
·         How this pilot fits within the Mental Health Strategy of the Ismaili Council of Canada


The Centre for Suicide Prevention will to present a session on Straight Talk:  Youth Suicide Prevention workshop for youth aged 12-24, and Tattered Teddies:  Suicide Prevention in Children under the age of 12.  An overview of both the workshops will be presented, followed by a case study to illustrate some of the principles covered within the workshop.


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