Announcement #2 re: Speaker Line-up!

Announcing 3 more sessions at our conference:

1) Lieutenant Colonel Stéphane Grenier is the Peer Project Team Leader for the Mental Health Commission of Canada (Chef d’équipe du project des pairs avec le Commission de la santé mentale du Canada) &  Special Advisor for Operational Stress Injury (OSI) for Canada’s National Defence (Conseiller spécial – blessures de stress opérationnel (BSO)Défense nationale).

LCol Stéphane Grenier joined the Canadian Forces in 1983. In 1994 he was deployed to Rwanda for 10 months as the spokesman for the United Nations in Rwanda. Following his return he became team leader and producer in the Canadian Forces Electronic News Gathering team and was deployed for much shorter periods of time to Cambodia, Kuwait, the Arabian Gulf on ship, Africa, Lebanon and Haiti. Upon return from Rwanda, he requested medical help and was misdiagnosed. He was diagnosed in 1997 with PTSD but not told of his diagnosis. In 1999, he was diagnosed for a second time with PTSD and has been in therapy ever since. He took a personal interest in the way the Canadian Forces was dealing with operational stress injuries. He researched the issue and developed concepts to help soldiers deal with what they had experienced while on operations abroad. As a result of his own experiences, his research and consultation with veterans and clinicians, he created the OSISS Program and coined the phrase “Operational Stress Injury”. Click here to read more….

2) Nancy Mannix is the Chair and Patron of the Norlien Foundation, a private foundation with offices in Calgary and Edmonton.  The Foundation, through the Alberta Family Wellness Initiative, is focused on creating alignments between science, policy and practice in the areas of brain development and its connection to addiction in order to bring about effective, comprehensive and integrated services for Alberta families.  She has had a long career in the charitable sector and has worked for a number of organizations, including the Calgary Health Trust and the Canada West Foundation. She has also served on numerous boards including the Alberta Bone and Joint Health Institute. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of San Diego and a Juris Doctor degree from Seattle University.

3) Mental Health & Human Rights:  A discussion with Harvey Goldberg, Team Leader of Strategic Initiatives with the Canadian Human Rights Commission, and Nicole Chammartin, Project Leader of “EQUALITY, DIGNITY AND INCLUSION: LEGISLATION THAT ENHANCES HUMAN RIGHTS FOR PEOPLE LIVING WITH MENTAL ILLNESS” project.  

The Canadian Mental Health Association – Winnipeg Region in partnership with the Public Interest Law Centre of Legal Aid Manitoba have been engaged by the Mental Health Commission of Canada’s (MHCC) Mental Health and the Law Advisory Committee to conduct research related to mental health, human rights, and relevant law, policies, and service standards. One of the Committee’s mandates is to examine Canada’s legal framework as it relates to persons with mental illness, including legislation, regulations, and policies.


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